Cementing a presence in the Spratlys

Cementing a presence in the Spratlys

Earlier this year, numerous reports surfaced on China’s creation of artificial islands in the South China Sea through land reclamation of submerged reefs. Of particular concern, China was reported to be building an island at least 3,000m long on the Fiery Cross Reef which could be the site for its first airstrip in the Spratlys. The … Continue reading

We’ve been expecting you: Bond 24 and SPECTRE

Today it was announced that Bond 24 will be titled ‘SPECTRE’. As Sam Mendes, the director, explained in the press conference for the announcement of the film title, the Bond car and lead actors, it will resonate strongly with Bond audiences. The movie poster features a bullet hole in a pain of glass and the … Continue reading

Former RHUL G&Ser Johanne Bruun reflects on being a member of the GREAT British delegation at Arctic Circle

Former RHUL G&Ser Johanne Bruun reflects on being a member of the GREAT British delegation at Arctic Circle

Former RHUL Geopolitics and Security student and ‘intellectual butterfly’ Johanne Bruun (now pursuing her PhD at Durham) joins the discussion on the theatrics of the UK delegation at the 2014 Arctic Circle meeting. Johanne’s blogpost, on the Durham Geography blog, links her role as the token Dane in the British delegation with her PhD research … Continue reading

Fears and Fantasies about the “Flesh of the Nation”

Originally posted on Critical Geopolitics:
Yesterday Adis Maksic defended his Ph D dissertation “Mobilizing for Ethnic Violence? Ethno-National Political Parties and the Dynamics of Ethno-Politicization.” Adis is a Sarajevo native who was fortunately able to come to the United States with his family after his family suffered a tragedy at the outset of the Bosnian War in 1992. He…

The legal, the material, and the geophysical: a few reflections on the Warwick postgraduate political geography conference

Last week I spent two days at Warwick University for their annual postgraduate political geography conference. It was a brilliant experience which showcased the depth and breadth of research being undertaken in political geography at postgraduate level and beyond. The theme of the conference was ‘contested spaces’ and this was explored through five panel discussions, … Continue reading

Emergency Response

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I’ve been catching up on a stream of publications by Pete Adey and Ben Anderson on emergencies, including ‘Affect and security: exercising emergency in UK “civil contingencies”‘, Society & Space 29(6) (2011) 1092-1109; ‘Anticipating emergencies: Technologies of preparedness and the matter of security’, Security dialogue 43 (2) (2012) 99-117; and ‘Governing events…