Geopoliticus Child: Drone Workshop in Neuchatel

Geopoliticus Child: Drone Workshop in Neuchatel

I’m on my way back from a fantastic if sweltering conference hosted by Francisco Klauser and Silvano Pedrozo in Neuchatel, yards from the beautiful lake. The workshop was titled ‘Power and Space in the Drone Age’ and opened to a wonderful start with a keynote from Jeremy Crampton on drone assemblages, algorithmic lives, and their … Continue reading

Frames of law – Israeli resaerch

Originally posted on War Law Space:
My research on Israeli military lawyers has finally been published over at Environment & Planning D: Society and Space. You can read the full version, entitled ‘Frames of law: operational legal advice in the Israeli military’ here. And the abstract: In this paper I draw on interviews conducted with former Israeli…

Handbook of the Politics of the Arctic

Earlier this week, a new book on Arctic politics was announced by Edward Elgar. The Handbook of the Politics of the Arctic is edited by Leif Christian Jensen and Geir Hønneland, two experts from the Fridjtof Nansen Institute in Norway. Klaus Dodds and I were both delighted to contribute chapters to this book. Klaus’ chapter … Continue reading

Arctic seabed claims and the politics of mapping

Following up on my recent blogpost on Russia’s Arctic seabed claim, The Conversation has published a companion piece on some of the politics surrounding the IBRU Arctic map, its drawing, and its reception. The Conversation article integrates analysis of some of the recent (manufactured) controversy surrounding the Russian claim with reflections that I made earlier…

Blitz Book delivered, and a bit on debris

Blitz Book delivered, and a bit on debris

I’ve been meaning to provide an update on this project for a long time. The good news is that we’ve just delivered the final manuscript of Crime, Regulation and Control: Protecting the Population of Blitzed Cities to Bloomsbury, which should be published early next year. It’s been quite a long path to publication given we … Continue reading

Srebrenica After Twenty Years

Originally posted on Critical Geopolitics:
Twenty years ago I was in northern Italy, enjoying that wonderful country and the hospitality of a good family. On the TV news, we saw pictures from the fall of Srebrenica. I remember  being struck by the phrase ‘Musulmani’ during the broadcasts (with its echoes of Primo Levi). Having spent the previous…

Sanjay Chaturvedi, Timothy Doyle – Climate Terror: A Critical Geopolitics of Climate Change

Originally posted on Progressive Geographies:
Sanjay Chaturvedi, Timothy Doyle, Climate Terror: A Critical Geopolitics of Climate Change, recently out with Palgrave. Climate Terror investigates the highly differentiated geographical politics of global warming. It explores how fear-inducing climate change discourses could result in new forms of dependencies, domination and militarized ‘climate security’. In this revealing study from Chaturvedi and Doyle,…

Is the nation-state of Greece and its people disposable?

I have recently returned to England following a two-week stay on the Greek Cycladic Island of Paros and several days in Athens.  From Greek territory, I witnessed the massive acceleration of the EU/Greek Crisis, press coverage and daily life on a somewhat insulated island and an ordinary neighbourhood in Athens.  I’ve assembled my thoughts in three parts; Austerity, Regime … Continue reading