Distance and ‘Deadly Embrace’

Posted in Stuart Elden’s blog a few days ago, and just recently in Oliver Belcher’s newly titled blog Darpa Dreaming, Derek Gregory’s British Academy lecture, ‘Deadly Embrace’ is now downloadable from the British Academy website: http://www.britac.ac.uk/events/2012/Gregory-balec.cfm. I missed the talk so it’s great to be able to see and hear the presentation.

Derek asks some of the most crucial questions of war and militarism. But he also provides some of the richest detail too, really getting to the ‘how’, and the longer chains of infrastructure, people and technologies that make up the apparatus of warfare. In this talk he gets to grips with ‘distance’, surprisingly a pretty much taken for granted term for geographers actually. I found this talk pretty staggering in its scale and depth, its well worth a look.

I also thought that there are interesting relations between this and some recent work on landscape that also tries to re-encounter distance, I’m thinking particularly of John Wylie’s sketching of a ‘geography of love’.

More coming on this soon, but an interview with Derek may be in the works. And another post from Klaus in a few moments.


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