Atmosphere, Art and Geopolitics/Security

In San Diego about to give a talk on security atmospheres at the International Studies Association and i’m just pondering, following Phil Kirby’s post on the HSAS alert system, the importance of trying to think about security and geopolitics in more artistic, expressive and I suppose ultimately more creative ways.

There’s been some very interesting work on this already, for instance Alan Ingram has recently written a few things on Art and Geopolitics, organised some great sessions with Harriett Hawkins at last year’s RGS-IBG conference in London, and has begun a new project described on his blog. I also missed, but very much would have liked to have seen, ‘Terra Infirma – experimenting with geo-political practices’, a workshop earlier in the year, see Nicola Triscott’s interesting post. Kathryn Yusoff’s work is also really inspiring and, of course, Klaus, Jason Dittmer and others have written on political cartoons.

In terms of the sorts of literature we might use to teach these (or with) kinds of things, there’s not that much to go on. However, a new book is coming out in security studies edited by Mark B. Salter and Can E. Mutlu titled Research Methods in Critical Security Studies. I think this looks really excellent, especially the final section on corporealities looking at video games, affect, bodies. Looking forwarding to reading it, I wonder how research methods in these areas will begin to attend more directly to these issues.



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