Abendland screening 6th May


Quick post for an interesting sounding film, Abendland from Austrian Director Nikolaus Geyrhalter showing on Sunday 6th May at the Gate Picturehouse Nottinghill and Stratford East Picturehouse on Thursday 10th May. The film looks to pick up on some interesting geopolitical and security issues, here’s the blurb below courtesy.

“Filmed entirely at night time, Abendland opens our eyes to a nocturnal world, unknown to many of us. It’s a film essay that is thoroughly geopolitical in its focus. With stunning cinematography, Geyerhalter draws attention to the security, surveillance and border protection that maintains the European way of life.
“We’ve read about and know about Fortress Europe, but it’s different after you’ve really seen it, because you have an image to go with your ideas… I want people to finally see these things that they know happen in the background, and which are normally blocked from your view intentionally. As an impetus, to provide the basis for discussion. This is where the actual film begins.” Nikolaus Geyerhalter, Director “



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