Clouds and Crowds: Limn


Sort of related to my last post, a trail for the new edition of Limn appeared in my inbox on the theme of crowds and clouds, they published a similarly fascinating edition on Systemic Risk last year.I really like the balance of essays and imagery. It also resonates with a paper on crowds Claudia Aradau gave last week at the Security Dispositifs conference in Freiburg. Andrew Neal and Chris Zebrowski also gave an interesting paper on kettling practices.

Here’s the blurb,

“This issue of LIMN focuses on new social media, data mining and surveillance, crowdsourcing, cloud computing, big data, and Internet revolutions. Rather than follow the well-worn paths of argument typical today, our contributors address the problems in new ways and at odd angles: from the power and politics of statistics and algorithms to crowdsourcing’s discontents to the capriciousness of collectives in an election; from the focus group and the casino to the worlds of micro-finance and data-intensive policing. Together they raise questions about the relationship of technology and the collectives that form in and through them.”


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