As the RGS-IBG looms in Edinburgh (the conference theme this year is: Security of Geography/Geography of Security), DrHG anticipates some interesting sessions..and its difficult to know what to go to. Highlights to look forward to for me are three plenaries: the EPD one by Eyal Weizman, the Geopolitics one by Klaus Dodds and the Political Geography one which will be delivered by Stuart Elden.


The Culture of Enthusiasm

I always like to take a look at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) annual conference programme before it starts. You can do the same, it is accessible online here. So what do I do – I first take a look at all the session titles, marking off one in each time slot that sounds interesting. I then dig a little deeper and read the paper titles. I don’t really read the abstract for the session because often they bear no relation to the papers finally selected. Great – so now I’ve got more sessions on my list than I can ever possibly attend – but that just shows how rich and varied our field is. I like to dip in and out of some sessions, plus, I also like to take a bit of time for myself during the conference – to catch up with colleagues or enjoy…

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