Resilience: a new journal

A quick heads up from David Chandler at the University of Westminster for a new journal Resilience to be published by Taylor and Francis next year.

Here’s the blurb.

RESILIENCE: International Policies, Practices and Discourses

Purpose: The purpose of this journal is to publish work seeking to investigate resilience as a conceptual framework for dealing with developmental, social, economic, security and environmental problems and as an evolving
 set of policy practices. Resilience is an increasingly central concept informing policy practices in international relations, particularly in the fields of development and security, but exceeds
 disciplinary emplacement. As such, this journal will draw together academic expertise from disciplines such as international sociology,
political theory, development studies, security studies, anthropology, geography and law.

While resilience has become central to policy practice and discourses of preventive intervention, we feel that there has been insufficient critical reflection on this shift and its implications. This journal will provide a space in which resilience can be conceptually analysed as a guiding framework – or articulation of dominant cultural outlooks – expressing a different or shifting relationship between our understanding of the potential and efficacy of human agency and our aspirations for improving, securing and developing the world we inhabit.

The emergence of a paradigmatic approach to resilience; one which emphasises the vulnerability of human subjects to external changes and effects, from global warming to terrorism and financial crisis, and the role of human agency in constituting these threats, risks and hazards – constitutes the human as the sphere of policy interventions in the frameworks of adaptation: emphasising the importance of change or work on the human subject itself.

This journal seeks to draw out and engage with the assumptions informing resilience approaches and practices and, in so doing, create an inter-disciplinary space for contemporary critical social theorising.

The themes connected to resilience which we are interested in pursuing include:

Communities of resilience

Economic resilience

Environmental resilience

Social resilience
Resilience and human agency
The politics of adaptation

Biopolitics of resilience

Resilience and neoliberalism

Resilience and post-colonial approaches
Genealogies of resilience

Resisting technologies of resilience
Ecologies of resilience
Post-interventionist policy-frameworks
Resilience and the (post)political
Resilience and vulnerability
Resilience and international security
Resilience and the (post)human
Engineering resilience
Resilience and the human sciences
Privatising resilience
The politics of prevention
Empowerment and capability-building
Catastrophic change, hazards and risk
Globalisation and resilience
Behaviouralist approaches to resilience



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