Violence and Space: Call for Papers

This cfp on Violence and Space has just been posted over at geographical imaginations.

geographical imaginations

Philippe Le Billon (UBC, Vancouver) and Simon Springer (University of Victoria) are calling for papers on Violence and Spaceat the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers in Los Angeles, 9-13 April 2013.  They write:

This session will provide a forum to address the interrelated questions of violence and space. Papers will examine how geography mediates the meanings, constructions, effects, foundations, discourses, and processes that inform violence in shaping its maintenance, proliferation, legitimization, or refusal in and across space. We welcome both theoretically informed and empirically grounded papers that consider the spatial dimensions of violence, ranging from routinized performances and everyday geographies of violence that serve conventional social, economic, and political norms that go largely unnoticed, through to the spectacular eruptions of ‘exceptional’ violence that capture public attention. Nonviolence is implied within all of these considerations, and we accordingly also encourage insights that contribute to scholarly understanding of…

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