Debbie Lisle Talk

Debbie Lisle, a senior lecturer in International Relations and Cultural Studies at Queen’s University, Belfast, gave an informal talk and took questions and answers to the Geopolitics and Security team on Wednesday, 24 October, concerning the governing of hospitality in London’s 2012 Olympic bid.  She discussed questions regarding notions of sovereignty, security and the governance of hospitality, this was particularly pertinent given the context of the talk, as Royal Holloway had undergone significant securitisation and ‘lockdown’ during the installation of an Olympic village for the rowers at nearby Eton Dorney over the Summer.  Debbie presented a number of topics including the meshing of public and private sectors providing Olympic security (G4/volunteers/military), global sponsorship’s role in the Olympic park, the youth focus as ambassadors and volunteers on the Olympic staff and the overall collective euphoria produced by the Olympic experience.

Debbie’s talk built on a recently published paper, ‘Welcoming the World: Governing Hospitality in London’s 2012 Olympic Bid’ co-authored with Dan Bulley. What was particularly interesting was pushing Debbie on some of the slippages or the gaps between the ‘promise’ of the Olympic Bid and planning documents discussed in the paper, and how the games was actually produced and received.  There was unfortunately never a youth celebration sailing journey from Beijing to London and the London games message transitioned from “welcoming the world” to “inspire a generation.”

Further information on Debbie can be found at:


Erik Thorvilson graduated from West Point, New York, in 2003 and joins Royal Holloway after a seven-year career as an engineer officer in the US military. Erik’s future research and career interests include analysis, development and humanitarian assistance in the Arctic and Antarctic.


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