Beyond the Wall

Colleague Noam Leshem has just written a wonderful review of several well-known and some of them less well-known studies of city and conflict in Jerusalem, over on our GPS blog at e-IR. Noam writes:

Simultaneously a physical manifestation of a bitter ethno-national conflict and one of its powerful motivating forces, Jerusalem has understandably become a prime object of inquiry, offering a rich arena of analysis for scholars across the social sciences. Yet, writing the socio-political history of a city presents several methodological and conceptual challenges: To what extent is the city a contained unit of analysis? What is its relation to broader national and international geopolitics? How do millennia of violence and conflict shape the physical and cultural face of the city? Importantly, can schola
rs present rigorous accounts of critical historical chapters and geopolitical dynamics, without losing sight of the unspectacular places and unglamorous people who make up the city?


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