See Tara Woodyer’s post on Skyfall over at materialsensibilities. Another one from Klaus Dodds is forthcoming here in a few days.

Material Sensibilities

Only on rare occasions do my high heels get an airing. The arrival of the new Bond film in Portsmouth brought one such occasion. 24 hours ahead of general release, Gunwharf Quays was the site for a glamorous charity premiere. Picture the scene. Ladies and gents donning their black tie finery, being served champagne and canapés in Tiger Tiger by handsome young men in tuxedos, surrounded by navy officers in their ceremonials. Bond theme tunes are playing in the background, whilst the accompanying music videos are streamed on big TV screens. Outside sits shiny Aston Martins – the classic DB5 and the Vanquish. The lucky few even get to sit inside and rev the engine. With a sense of anticipation growing, men in military uniform escort us to the cinema where we collect our Haagen Daaz chocolate fondant ice-cream (being careful not to spill it on our posh frocks!) and…

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