Beyond Walls and Cages

In my inbox was an advert for an interesting new book ‘Beyond Walls and Cages: prisons, borders and global crises’ edited by Jenna M. Lloyd, Matt Michelson, and Andrew Burridge, published by University of Georgia Press. According to the blurb

BEYOND WALLS AND CAGES challenges the idea that borders and prisons create safety, security, and order. Instead, walls and cages fortify wealth and power inequalities, racism, gender and sexual oppression. They rely on, and mobilize, fear and the promise of security to naturalize the abandonment of increasing numbers of people who have been criminalized and subject to increased policing of daily life. Promoting an abolitionist, no borders agenda, the activist and scholarly contributors seek to foster the understanding that freedom of movement and freedom to inhabit are necessarily connected and important for creating a more just and free world.

Besides an impressive list of contributors, the editors have developed a website/blog which has started posting a few stories.

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