Congrats to Phil Steinberg who takes up a new post at Durham next year. Phil’s been an active poster on this blog and it has been wonderful to have him around, especially for his involvement with various masters programmes. Good luck Phil!


I’m happy to announce that beginning in October 2013 I will take up the post of Professor of Political Geography at Durham University in the UK. Leaving Florida State’s Department of Geography will not be easy (I’ve been there since 1997), but I am truly excited about the opportunities ahead of me.

Not only is the Durham Geography Department enormous (over 60 teaching staff, plus another 40 or so non-teaching academic staff), but it’s also an excellent department that is consistently ranked in the top 5 in the UK (as is Durham University as a whole). As part of my position there, I will have a leading role joining the existing expertise of the Geography Department’s International Boundaries Research Unit with academic research on the changing nature of borders, sovereignty, and territory. Thus, the Durham post provides the perfect opportunity for me to pursue my interests at the intersection of…

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