Warwick Graduate Conference in Security Studies

This sounds excellent and really interesting to our postgrad cohort.

Progressive Geographies

Security and the Everyday

31 October – 1 November 2013

Keynote: Professor Jutta Weldes (University of Bristol); Professor François Debrix (Virginia Tech)

More and more research in critical security studies pays attention to the realm of everyday experience, popular culture and fictional narratives, and how they produce and reproduce discourses of security and representations of identity. At the same time, distinctions between politics and entertainment seem increasingly tenuous in a world of globalized spaces of hyper-reality. From the real-time images of remote controlled drone strikes to the imagined realities of video game franchises, and from the realpolitik of TV shows and comic books to the narratives of IR textbooks, virtual and actual realities blend into each other. This conference explores the interconnections and implications of this inter-textuality of security and image, narrative and identity, and power and fiction.

If you are interested in participating please send details of your affiliation…

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