Sea stories and see stories

Having read a really interesting review of Allan Sekula and Noel Burch’s The Forgotten Space by Phil Steinberg, I was really pleased to learn that Passengerfilms will be screening the film at their next event at the Roxy Bar and Screen on 18th June.

Sea stories and see stories’ will use Sekula and Burch’s award winning piece and Roma Lee’s Ama, as mediums through which to explore how filmmakers leverage the ocean as a space for seeing the world. In the process, Passengerfilms ask whether it is ‘truly possible to tell a narrative about the ocean, or is a ‘sea story’ necessarily about seeing something else?’

To help answer this question, the films will be followed by a discussion with Rona Lee, Phil Steinberg and Alex Colas to explore the links between vision, narration, knowledge, and the sea.

It looks like it will be a fantastic event. I’m looking forward to unpicking the question and exploring how we conceptualise the ocean as both a vital and story-full space, and conversely, as a blank erasure on which some of the world’s most important stories take place.

Rachael Squire


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