mobilities handbook – delivered



We recently delivered the final manuscript of the Routledge Handbook of Mobilities, a project long in the making with colleagues David Bissell, Kevin Hannam, Peter Merriman, and Mimi Sheller. The project came together as two groups of editors effectively had the same idea for a book (one group dreamed up the idea in a railway station), and by luck, we managed to team up. I think we’ve never actually met together as a team, or four of us did during the Washington AAG in 2010 to discuss the initial proposal – so that gives some idea of the length of process.

It is a bit of a beast at over 600 pages long but quite forward looking and hugely wide ranging with some really fantastic entries from some amazing scholars and friends – here’s the TOC.

Introduction Peter Adey, David Bissell, Kevin Hannam, Peter Merriman and Mimi Sheller Section One: Genealogies, Philosophies, Approaches 1. Geography and Transport 2. Mobilities and Transport History Colin Divall 3. Sociology After the Mobilities Turn Mimi Sheller4. Anthropology Noel Salazar 5. Migration Studies Anne-Marie Fortier 6. Tourist Studies Adrian Franklin 7. Queer Theory Natalie Oswin 8. Feminism and Gender Georgine Clarsen Section Two: Qualities 9. Friction Tim Cresswell 10. Slowness and Deceleration Phillip Vannini 11. Distance and Proximity Jonas Larsen 12. Net Locality Adriana De Souza E Silva and Eric Gordon 13. Ethics and Responsibilities Malene Freudendal-Pedersen 14. Times Glenn Lyons15. Rhythm and Arrythmia Tim Edensor 16. Enthusiasm Allison Hui Section Three: Spaces, Systems, Infrastructures 17. Logistics Deborah E. Cowen 18. Roads Peter Merriman 19. Queue Gillian Fuller 20. Railways Peter Thomas 21. Pipes and Cables Derek Mccormack 22. Locative Media Jason Farman 23. Walking Phone Workers Lisa Parks 24. Informal Infrastructures Colin Mcfarlane and Alex Vasudevan Section Four: Materialities 25. Water 26. Food Sebastian Abrahamsson and Annemarie Mol 27. Waste Dan Swanton 28. Viruses Stephanie Lavau 29. Postcards Esther Milne 30. Bicycles Zack Furness 31. Carbon Matthew Paterson 32. Passports Section Five: Subjects 33. Tourist Scott Mccabe 34. Soldier Rachel Woodward and Neil Jenkings 35. Drivers and Passengers Tim Dant 36. The Executive James Faulconbridge 37. Diseased Roger Keil 38. Elders Juliana Mansvelt 39. Impaired Kim Sawchuck 40. Child Clare Holdsworth 41. Loiterer JD Dewsbury Section Six: Events 42. Holidays Orvar Lofgren 43. The Commute Rachel Aldred 44. Congestion Melissa Butcher 45. Disruptions Stephen Graham 46. Sidewalks Nicholas Blomley 47. Habits David Bissell 48. Capturing Motion Eric Laurier Section Seven: Methodologies 49. Histories 50. Mappings Martin Dodge 51. Photography Debbie Lisle 52. Video Paul Simpson 53. New Technologies Jennie Germann Molz 54. Semiotics Ole B. Jensen 55. Policies Cristina Temenos and Eugene Mccann Epilogue: Oil, The American Suburbs And The Future Of Mobility John Urry

Should be out in November.



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