From Above: blurbs

I’ll stop the shameless promotion of this book soon, but we’ve had some wonderful endorsement/blurbs (what do you call them?) from Steve Graham, Rey Chow and Stuart Elden to accompany our From Above collection out with Hurst/OUP in September.

‘Being above using aircraft to loiter within the atmosphere or on the edge of space has long been recognised as a definitive means of gaining military and strategic advantage over those bound by the earth’s surface. The last century has witnessed countless episodes of annihilation and killing by states and militaries from up in the sky. But how can we approach the deep connections between verticality, violence and war? From Above a dazzling and definitive collection provides the answers. Bringing together the very best thinkers from Geography, Cultural Studies, Art Theory and Political Science, the result is an extraordinary and searing book. Here, for the first time, is a volume which fully excavates how targeting and killing from above was invented, generalised and rendered completely normal in the past century and a half. A must-read for anyone concerned with the nature of contemporary political violence.’ –Stephen Graham, Professor of Cities and Society, School of Architecture, Planning and landscape, Newcastle University
‘Packed with historical knowledge and theoretical insights, this collection opens our eyes to the metaphors and technologies embedded in the most ordinary expressions such as above, below, depth, flight, earth, and sky. In chapter after chapter, the aerial view presents itself not only as a militaristic space and a geopolitical theatre but also and above all as a conceptual event in modernity.’ –Rey Chow, author of Entanglements, or Transmedial Thinking about Capture

‘From Above Is a remarkable collection of essays on an important and neglected topic. The chapters range across time and space, covering a great deal of terrain and building up a multi-layered account of empirical and historical detail. The collection as a whole develops a new theoretical vocabulary to thinking about the politics and geographies of the vertical.’ –Stuart Elden, Professor of Political Theory and Geography, University of Warwick


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