Nourishing torture: medicine, security and joint operations

An incredible account of food, security and the military at War, Law & Space.

War Law Space

I try to refrain from writing ‘look at what I read over breakfast this morning’ posts, but I must make an exception for the video I watched over my unusually bleak bowl of porridge this morning. A warning to readers that the warning accompanying the video, ‘some viewers may find these images distressing’, understates the content therein.

Reprieve’s latest video shows the force feeding of US actor and rapper Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def).  There are currently 120 detainees on strike in Guantanamo and 42 of them are being fed against their will. According to Reprive the video accurately represents the standard operating procedure of US force-feeding methods. We have every reason to believe the video is a factually fair representation because it is based on, and corroborates, the official force feeding SOP’s which were made made public earlier this year in a document leaked from SOCOM to Al…

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