Towards an Urban Geopolitical Analysis of Violence in Lyari

Sobia Kaker has written on the geopolitics of urban violence in Lyari, Karachi.

Critical Junction

A recent article I wrote for the Center for Research and Security Studies. See link: Towards an Urban Geopolitical Analysis of Violence in Lyari

The Lyari district of Karachi has been in the headlines for quite some time. Politically protected criminals reportedly operate out of this centrally located district. Considered one of the most volatile districts in violence-hit Karachi in southern Pakistan, Lyari has recently witnessed pitched battles between members of alleged criminal syndicates and paramilitary forces. CRSS visiting research fellow herewith provides a brief insight into the embattled Lyari.

If Lyari is nostalgically remembered as a microism of Pakistan (Bhutto, 2010) then perhaps the problem of recurring violence in Lyari is also a microism of Pakistan’s problems. Every now and again, Lyari becomes a hotbed of violence.  Images of residents battling with government security forces, using sophisticated weapons shock the nation. Countless TV shows, news articles, and analysts try…

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