CFP – Asia on the move: unpacking cross-border mobilities

this sounds like an excellent event, thanks to progressive geographies

Progressive Geographies

Call for Papers: Inaugural Association of Asian Studies-in-ASIA Conference. July 17-19 2014. Singapore

Session Title Asia on the move: unpacking cross-border mobilities

Cross-border mobilities are proliferating in Asia. From Hong Kong to Shenzhen, from Beijing to Tokyo, the region now includes many of the world’s busiest air routes, and land and sea border crossings. Yet, at the same time, multiple borders and territories remain unsettled. Even inscription devices that facilitate and regulate transnational mobility have themselves become weapons in what TIME Asia magazine has termed a “Passport War”, in which rival states use passports and visas to performatively claim national territory, as in the case of China and India’s contest in the Himalayas. Such a phenomenon signals a threat to the region’s semblance of fluidity and unfettered movement.

This session seeks both theoretical and empirical accounts of a wide variety of cross-border mobilities, for tourism, for migration, or for…

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