‘Strategic Challenges in the Arctic Sea’ at the 10th Handelsblatt Konferenz

10. Handelsblatt Jahrestagung "Sicherheitspolitik und Verteidigungsindustrie" 2013  (P1200471)

Earlier this week I was in Berlin for the 10th Handelsblatt Konferenz on Security Policy and Defense Industry. This 2-day conference (3-4 Dec) was primarily an inward-looking event for assessing Germany’s defence and security policies, although the broader conference themes reflected the strategic challenges facing most European states at the moment: budgetary constraints, future capability requirements, balancing national and joint force postures, post-Afghanistan engagements and cyber-security.

The final session of the conference was reserved for a discussion of a future security issue and this year the subject was ‘Strategic Challenges in the Arctic Sea’. I was delighted to be invited to participate as a panelist in the discussion alongside Dr Stefanie Babst, Head of Strategic Planning at NATO Headquarters; Colonel Steffen Qvist Wied, Defense Attache at the Danish Embassy in Berlin; Professor Whitney Lackenbauer from the University of Waterloo in Canada; and Thomas Wiegold, a German journalist who did an admirable job chairing the lively discussion and who has kindly posted a recording of the session on his website for anyone who is interested in hearing what we discussed. Click here for the link.

I’d like to express my thanks to the organisers for inviting me to participate, and to my fellow panelists for an engaging conversation.


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