Geographies of War & Peace RGS-IBG CFP

great sounding session proposal for the rgs-ibg

War Law Space

Please see the below call for papers for the RGS-IBG conference in London in August 2014.


RGS-IBG 2014

Paper Session Proposal

The geography of war and peace

Conveners: Derek Gregory (UBC), Craig Jones (UBC), Benedikt Korf (University of Zurich), Timothy Raeymaekers (University of Zurich)

Research Group Affiliation: Political Geography Research Group (PolGRG):


“War and peace – what’s the difference?” asked David Keen (2000) some time ago. And indeed, war is a slippery concept. Where does war end and peace start? What is war and what is “only” a riot, violence, struggle or uprising? And what does war tell us about peace? Or politics? It was Michel Foucault who once asked the question: isn’t politics the continuation of war by other means – putting Clausewitz on his head (or on his feet). Foucault alerts us to the entanglement of state making and war making (Tilly) and to the many facets of political power, violence and…

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