New paper: travelling law (and travelling theory)

A stunning sounding new paper on ‘Travelling law’ from Craig Jones

War Law Space

I have just added a new paper under the ‘Downloads’ tab: you can access it here [LINK REMOVED UNTIL AFTER PUBLICATION].

Its a book chapter for a forthcoming collection edited by Alex Lubin and Marwan Kraidy called Shifting Borders: American Studies Between The American Century And The Arab Spring (University of North Carolina Press), the product of the (superb) Shifting Borders Conference at the American University of Beirut in January 2012. It’s called ‘Travelling Law’ and it focuses on the law and geography of targeted killing, and argues that targeted killing law is a particularly potent form of lawfare that is invested in and is contributing to what Frédéric Mégret has called the ‘deconstruction of the battlefield‘ (for more on Mégret and the changing geographies of war see the indefatigable Derek Gregory here and here). The paper traces the so called U.S. ‘drone warfare’ of today back to one of its…

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