Call for papers: State – Phase – Becoming: society, energy and new materialities

v. interesting sounding session at the Canadian Association of Geographers in May.


Canadian Association of Geographers 2014, May 26-30; Brock University

Special Session: State – Phase – Becoming: society, energy and new

The procurement and consumption of energy is now producing regimes of governance, discipline and capital in novel and unprecedented ways, with a concurrent rise in political debate, civil society agitation, media
interest and of course academic inquiry. Much of this work could be said to be concerned with the impact of material forms of energy as commodity -primarily the procurement, exploitation and use of carbon – on governments, societies and economies, with accounts of these complex regimes appearing in diverse political economies, geographies and histories (see for instance Huber 2013; Jones 2010; Labban 2008; Mitchell 2011)

At the same time energy is increasingly understood and theorized in provocative ways, considering ontologically diverse energy registers in relation to one another – for example, the objects of physics and the force…

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