RHUL Geographers in Tampa

Quite a few RHUL geographers at this year’s AAG in Tampa, illustrated with a postcard that uses the interesting strap line “The Army Air Base City”

Landscape Surgery


The preliminary programme for the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers has recently been published. The Department of Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London will be strongly represented by both staff and doctoral researchers (detailed below).

Pete Adey

  • 5112 What Space for the Post-Security State? I: Fragile, Failing, and Tentative Securities [Introducer and Organizer]
  • 5212 What Space for the Post-Security State? II: Knowledge, Circulation, Air [Organizer]
  • 5412 What Space for the Post-Security State? III: Critique and Countering Security [Discussant, Organizer]

Katherine Brickell

  • “Towards Intimate Geographies of Peace? Local Reconciliation of Domestic Violence in Cambodia” [Paper in session 4509 FQG Gender-based violence: space, scale and intersectionality]
  • 4421 Race is but one–Examining Violence and Non-Violence in Asia and the Asian Diaspora [Panelist]

Simon Cook

  • “Accomplishing Road-Running: Negotiating Space, Mobile Politics and Order on the Street” [Paper in session 1605 Geographies of Mobility III: Alternative Mobilities]

Harriet Hawkins

  • “Artful encounters with Climate Change”…

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