Critical Security Mapping

Just coming to the end of an incredible week for our MSc where we worked with a group of Urban GIS students from Cergy-Pontoise, Paris to develop a critical security map of Royal Holloway campus, as if we were hosting a G8 (or G7 within the current climate) summit during the summer and the issues, ethics and problems of doing this.

During part of the project we toured the original Olympic Park and had two former police officers give us briefings.

I’m going to write more about this and post a film we are making from the last few days but here’s a selection of images, many of which have been tweeted already. Real events also caught up with us during the project as the Queen visited the campus today to celebrate one of the Regius Chairs she has given to the University, giving us a minor mega-event to observe.


On Tuesday as the students arrive London looks amazing


Walking round the edge of the Olympic park

at work

Hard at work


Some more of the perimeter to the park, looking in


Outsider Founders building the Queen arrives

Outside Founders building the Queen arrives


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