Just back for over a week now after travelling from the AAG and the Political Geography Preconference in Tampa and there’s quite a lot of catching up to do. Highlights in the pre-conference for me included Susan Roberts’ talk on the political economy of geo-spatial intelligence (drawn from work with Jeremy Crampton) and excellent papers from Sara Koopman, Jason Dittmer, Samuel Rufat and Till Paasche

Till gave a similar paper during three sessions I co-organised on the Post-Security State with Jeremy Crampton and Klaus Dodds during the main conference. These went really well, and included papers from Stephanie Simon, Kate Kindervater, David Grondin, Rhys Machold, and many others, with kind chairing from Craig Jones and Sue Roberts. Other sessions I attended which stood out were the militarism panels, the lively author meets critics session on Stuart Elden’s The Birth of Territory, an excellent panel on war and conflict organised by Craig Jones and Derek Gregory. I was also really inspired by the geographies of making panel session organised by Harriet Hawkins and Laura Price. This featured excellent interventions from Wendy Larner, Avril Madrell and several others including colleague Alasdair Pinkerton on the craft of statecraft.

The image is from the exhibition space, a strange world, like the rest of the conference space, for publishers and now Google to exhibit their wares. If you stepped outside of the displays and posters for a moment, it felt more like Wayne Industries applied sciences division…!






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