Sensing War programme released

this conference sounds excellent, and features a presentation from our own Pip Thornton.

Material Sensibilities

The programme for the Sensing War conference hosted by the University of Portsmouth has now been released. This exciting programme is available to view online here.

Sensing War

International Interdisciplinary Conference. 12 – 13th June 2014. London, UK.

 As a taster, there are sessions on:

  • Soldiering and Sensory Practice
  • Affective Spaces of War
  • Violence, Aesthetics and Late Modern Wars
  • Witnessing and War Work
  • Sensory Distinctions and Deceptions
  • Veterans, Intimacies & Sensory Aftermaths
  • Military Life and Militarism
  • Objects and Sensory Engagements
  • Technologies of Sensing War
  • War and the Body
  • Sensory Immersion and Targeting

There’s also a keynote lecture by Ryan Bishop & John Phillips, and a screening of The Unseen Enemy.

Registration is open via the following link, where you will also now find some suggestions for accommodation near the venue:

Please address any queries to Kevin McSorley:

Academic Committee

Kevin McSorley, Sociology, University of Portsmouth Debbie Lisle, International Relations, Queens…

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