Geopolitics, Bodies, Materials – new book series

Jason Dittmer and Ian Klinke are launching a new book series with Rowman and Littlefield titled Geopolitics, Bodies, Materials. It sounds really exciting and i think they will be commissioning manuscripts very soon. Here’s some of the early blurb:

Operating at the interface of International Relations, Political Geography, Science and Technology Studies, and Political Anthropology, this series articulates the recent growth in studies linking materiality and embodiment with geopolitics and the politics of space more generally. Recognizing the advances of critical geopolitics, constructivist International Relations, and related fields over the past quarter century, the books published in this series nevertheless recognize the need to reintegrate the discursive with the material. Indeed, the insistence of materiality to be heard – in the form of environmental change, of embodied affects, of emergent agencies, among others – urges us to seek new modes of scholarship that can account for a world of complexity. This world poses questions: how do materialities such as the built environment and the body reproduce global power structures, and how do they become sites of resistance? How do assemblages of human and non-human elements both fortify and transform political space?  What possibilities for political change are latent within the present?



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