Great post from “Mapping Security” blog on all things security and the sheer folly of it all!

A new blog Mapping Security, thanks to David Grondin for the link. The blog looks fascinating, some interesting conference and workshop announcements there and a rather bizarre Period Table of Security.

Militainment and the National Security State

This is a great post from James Alexander at a new blog, Mapping Security. The critique of today’s data-mining operations and the context of surveillance activities is spot on:

this new logic of surveillance has become embedded in everyday life as a matter-of-fact part of our existence – normalised in our most mundane of interactions with technology and one another. These interactions are themselves nothing revelatory, after all technology pervades almost every aspect of modern life. From how we bank to how we communicate or entertain ourselves, technological innovations are always present, sold as the indispensable solution to all of the problems and desires thrown up by modernity. However, what is revealing here is what affects these interactions and mediations produce, and how they contribute to our understanding, and acceptance, of the modern-day security doxa.

And what about the Periodic Table of Security he discusses?!! Great short piece to…

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