Seeing resilience like a state – Kevin Grove

fascinating photo-essay from Kevin Grove on ‘Seeing resilience like a state’

Society and space


Read Kevin Grove’s photo essay ‘Seeing resilience like a state’ here.

He contributed it to this site as a supplement to his article that appears in issue 2 of the current volume (32) of Society and Space“Agency, affect, and the immunological politics of disaster resilience”. Open access until September 5, the piece stems from ethnographic fieldwork that he conducted with Jamaica’s national disaster management agency and shows that resilience operates through an affective economy of fear, hope, and confidence that enacts an immunological biopolitics. Through his analysis, he concludes that recognizing the immunological logic at the heart of disaster resilience opens up new ethical and political imperatives in disaster management that value adaptive capacity as the vital force of new socioecological futures, rather than as an object of governmental intervention and control.

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