Security Atmospheres or the Crystallisation of Worlds

My paper on security atmospheres, after a lot of work and rewriting, has just been made available as an advance online publication at Society and Space here. The paper explores how we can approach security atmospherically, whilst examining several recent forms of security practices which have sought to gauge or measure, and attempt to codify, classify and sort, atmospherics, as performed by NATO ISAF Atmospherics Teams.

For the moment, the paper is sitting amongst a series of other papers related to security which I think i’m right in saying formed part of the plenary sessions at the RGS-IBG conference in Edinburgh, 2012. This included excellent talks from Matt Hannah, Jennifer Fluri and Gerry Kearns, which look like they have almost made their way to print.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 17.17.26


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