On Alert: The icy travels of Edgar Allan Poe, Josh Ritter, and Governor-General David Johnston

Phil Steinberg picks up nicely on an observation by a Canadian Governor General. As G-G Johnston remarked, “First of all, I was trying to figure out what was land and what was sea. And I still find that confusing in terms of the North Pole and our land claims and the extension of the continental shelf underneath”.

445_alertaerial Aerial view of Alert, Nunavut

Amidst the ongoing effort by countries to assert their presence in the far North (note: I’m careful to use the word ‘presence’, not ‘claim’ or ‘sovereignty’), a little gem was issued this weekend by Canada’s Governor-General, David Johnston.

Johnston was interviewed by Toronto’s Globe and Mail, following his recent visit to Alert, Nunavut. Just over 500 miles from the North Pole, the Canadian military/research station is the world’s most northerly permanently inhabited settlement.

Midway through the interview, Johnston was asked, ‘What did you make of Alert just as a place?’

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