Questioning the Digital: Critical Approaches to Digital Worlds

By Pip Thornton

I’m excited to be co-convening a panel with Nat O’Grady at this year’s London Conference in Critical Thought, being held at UCL on 26-27 June 2015. Our session is called ‘Questioning the Digital: Critical Approaches to Digital Worlds’, but there are many other fantastic panels too. All the details are in the following Call for Papers or can be found at

Download Views PDF_2  Call for papers 2015 │ Read more about how the conference works


The fourth annual London Conference in Critical Thought (LCCT) will offer a space for an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas for scholars who work with critical traditions and concerns. It aims to provide opportunities for those who frequently find themselves at the margins of their department or discipline to engage with other scholars who share theoretical approaches and interests.

Central to the vision of the conference is an inter-institutional, non-hierarchal, and accessible event that makes a particular effort to embrace emergent thought and the participation of emerging academics, fostering new avenues for critically-oriented scholarship and collaboration.

The conference is divided into thematic streams, each coordinated by different researchers and with separate calls for papers, included in this document. We welcome paper proposals that respond to the particular streams below. In addition, papers may be proposed as part of a general stream, i.e. with no specific stream in mind. Spanning a range of broad themes, these streams provide the impetus for new points of dialogue.

  • The Return of Actor Network Theory
  • Art and its Externalities
  • Bad Language, Wrong Signification
  • Eating as Encounter
  • Legacies of the Immaterial in the Arts and Practice
  • Interruptions
  • The Politics and Practice of “Just Making Things”
  • Music and Sound at Work
  • Re-thinking Political Violence, Memory and Law
  • The Digital 1: Noology and Technics: Algorithmic governmentality, automation and knowledge in the age of the digital economy
  • The Digital 2: ‘Questioning the Digital’: Critical Approaches to Digital Worlds
  • Theory Lessons: Theorizing the Classroom
  • Radical Transfeminism
  • Truthful Politics

Please send proposals for 20 minute papers or presentations, with the relevant stream indicated in the subject line, to paper-subs@londoncritical.orgSubmissions should be no more than 250 words and should be received by the deadline of MONDAY 16 MARCH 2015.

Participation is free (though registration will be required).


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