Terrain, Volume, Drones – abstract for my keynote to Power and Space in the Drone Age conference

Stuart Elden’s abstract for his keynote at the Power and Space in the Drone Age Conference, entangling the geophysical and the geopolitical.

Progressive Geographies

Here’s the abstract for my keynote lecture to the Power and Space in the Drone Age conference, 27-28 August 2015, Université de Neuchâtel:

Terrain, Volume, Drones

This paper is part of a wider, ongoing project trying to re-conceptualize geopolitics in more material, elemental terms: what might be called the geophysics of geopolitics. With that in mind, I have begun to retrace the steps I took in theorizing territory. In a 2010 paper, which became the introduction to my 2013 book The Birth of Territory, I tried to think how land and terrain were necessary, but not sufficient, for grasping territory. I discussed land in terms of political-economic relations, and terrain in terms of political-strategic ones. But both these terms, ‘land’ and ‘terrain’, require more careful work. As one way into the second, I have begun thinking about the question of ‘volume’, as a way to connect up work done…

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