MSc Geopolitics and Security Dissertations – Class of 2015


Just before we broke up for the Spring break, the teaching staff had a very enjoyable day listening to the dissertation topic proposals by the current MSc Geopolitics and Security cohort. Given the diversity of our MSc students, in terms of academic interests and citizenship, the topics presented here range widely:

Contemporary geopolitics of the Senkaku Islands and the role of Japanese newspapers

Popular geopolitics and the super-hero genre

Feminist geopolitics and Inuit film cultures

Ghostly geographies in post Franco Spain

After Ukraine: Geo-strategic relations between the Euro-Atlantic world

Forensic geopolitical analysis of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement

Performing sovereignty in the Himalayas

Climate change and the geopolitics of weather modification

Migrants, identity and securing governance in Singapore

Biometrics: security, techno-geopolitics and discourse

IUU Fishing: Maritime geopolitics in the Southern Ocean

E-geopolitics: Estonia, e-residence and security cultures

Tear Gas: militarism, security and popular geopolitics of gas

Distance, moral proximity and the War on Terror


We are looking forward to supervising these projects this spring/summer!




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