Handbook of the Politics of the Arctic

9780857934734Earlier this week, a new book on Arctic politics was announced by Edward Elgar. The Handbook of the Politics of the Arctic is edited by Leif Christian Jensen and Geir Hønneland, two experts from the Fridjtof Nansen Institute in Norway.

Klaus Dodds and I were both delighted to contribute chapters to this book. Klaus’ chapter is titled ‘From Ilulissat to Kiruna: Managing the Arctic Council and the Contemporary Geopolitics of the Arctic’ and explores recent institutional developments in the region. My own chapter, which I wrote with a former colleague from my time at RUSI, is titled ‘How We Learned to Stop Worrying about China’s Arctic Ambitions: Understanding China’s Admission to the Arctic Council, 2004-2013’. This paper was based on a series of interviews with senior officials from seven of the eight Arctic countries (Canada refused to engage with us) and explores China’s application to become an observer to the Arctic Council, while dispelling some of the more polar ‘orientalist’ rhetoric that has appeared in the media in recent years.

The full publisher’s description of the Handbook of the Politics of the Arctic reads as follows:

The Arctic has again become one of the leading issues on the international foreign policy agenda, in a manner unseen since the Cold War. Drawing on the perspectives of geo-politics and international law, this Handbook offers fresh insights and perspectives on the most pressing issues, grouped under the headings of political ascendancy, climate and environmental issues, resources and energy, and the response and policies of affected countries.

A list of contents and contributors is available on the publisher’s website. The book is due for publication in November.



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