Emergency Mobilities

Emergency Mobilities

A video has just gone up on the Mobile Live Forums. Filmed at the beginning of the summer last year, mine deals with my on-going research into the politics of evacuation mobility, although I need to write a lot of this up. An article making much broader conceptual arguments about the relationship between mobility, governance and emergency will be coming out eventually in a piece in a special issue of Mobilities.

If you have time to watch the video it (very) briefly explores how evacuation processes can entail planned or improvised rearticulations of urban infrastructures; the entanglement of evacuation processes in the contexts of territory, law, and the geopolitics of old colonial relationships and networks of cooperation; and the inequities of who gets designated as an ‘evacuee’.

The video could be seen alongside others from Monika Büscher and Mimi Sheller who each explore various aspects of mobility and emergency, although we use slightly different terminologies. Readers may have seen some of their excellent wider work in this area, such as Monika’s on crisis, mobilities and information technologies, and Mimi’s on post-disaster (im)mobilities in the context of the Haiti earthquake.

Here’s the youtube embed of my one. I didn’t know what to do with my hands and arms, hence the rather defensive posture…!



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