007 is back! Reflections on the representational and non-representational in geopolitics

My Ludic geopolitics colleague Tara Woodyer (University of Portsmouth) does a very nice summary of our collective interests in representational and non-representational geopolitics and James Bond/SPECTRE

Material Sensibilities

After much anticipation, SPECTRE is finally here. The release of the film has proved timely for our Ludic Geopolitics research. Its themes chime with some of our current writing around popular cultural representations of individuals with elite combat training and their pivotal role in legitimising particular geopolitical logics. More specifically, our writing engages with the continuing, perhaps even greater importance of these individuals despite the increasing use of unmanned drones in Western battle spaces. SPECTRE makes clear reference to this notion in the battle between M’s human-focused 007 programme and C’s technology-focused Nine Eyes programme. *SPOILER ALERT* While C works to get the 007 programme closed down, we see Bond (and hence the programme) ultimately triumph. This is underscored by Bond choosing not to kill his enemy, Blofeld, echoing the earlier comments of M about the unique characteristics of the 007 programme; his agents not only have a licence to kill…

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