CALL FOR PAPERS: At the end of the world: extreme places of the British imagination: Textus n. X – 2016 Culture Issue

Interesting call for papers especially for those interested in ‘extreme, high, remote and cold places’ in the British imagination

Victorian Persistence: Text, Image, Theory


Textus n. X – 2016 Culture Issue

At the end of the world:

extreme places of the British imagination



Editor: Nicoletta Brazzelli (University of Milan)

Co-editor: Frédéric Regard (Paris-Sorbonne University)

Foreign copy editor: Patricia Hampton (University of Milan)



Spaces “at the end of the world” are geographical goals as well as literary and symbolic places. For centuries at the centre of the British cultural imagination, the most extreme sites of the earth have been the object of explorers’ and adventurers’ spatial desire, connected with physical and psychological danger, with life and death and survival. Strongly associated with the nineteenth and early twentieth-century English imperial expansion and appropriation of the earth, the extreme places have become places of daring adventure and, later, of exclusive excursionisms, always playing an ideological and iconic role in British modern and contemporary culture. Thus, separated from everyday human experience…

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