Nightcrawler screening @Passengerfilms


Passengerfilms’ first event of 2016 is being held on Tuesday 19th January at Genesis Cinema‘s Paragon Bar in Whitechapel and features a screening and discussion of Dan Gilroy’s NIGHTCRAWLER (2014).

The event is hosted by Precarious Geographies (RHUL Geographers Ella Harris and Mel Nowicki), who will be joined by panelists Dr. Oli Mould (RHUL) and Dr. Will Davies (Goldsmiths) for a discussion and audience Q&A after the film. The discussion will explore the film’s depiction of precarity in the contemporary condition, including precarity as entrenched in neoliberalism, the relationships between media representation and precarity, and precarity in contemporary labour markets and urban environments.

Nightcrawler with Jake GyllenhaalThe event will be of interest to anyone interested in urban geography, political geography, cinema, media and popular geopolitics.

It promises to be a great night (the Paragon bar is famed for its cocktails), so do come along if you are free next Tuesday. Tickets (£5) and further details are available through the Genesis website here:




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