David Anderson QC : Terrorism & Tolerance lecture on campus tonight

What looks like a fascinating lecture is taking place on campus this evening. Book FREE tickets here:


Terrorism and Tolerance: UK’s independent ‘terror watchdog’ asks how we reconcile traditional freedoms with prevention of terrorism

Monday 13 June 2016

Windsor Building Auditorium

Mr David Anderson QC
Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation

In Terrorism and Tolerance, David Anderson will ask to what extent international law can help us to reconcile free society with the prevention of extremism.

Under real threat of terrorism, both chronic and acute, the UK’s multi-pronged response has been influential and in many respects successful.  But a controversial element of that response has been the Prevent strategy, recently extended beyond the field of terrorism by the Government’s counter-extremism strategy of October 2015.

David Anderson says: ‘Key to the battle for hearts and minds is toleration: but policies based on that principle will forfeit public support if tolerance is extended too far or in the wrong directions.  My lecture will explore the capacity of international human rights law as a practical framework for deciding what must be tolerated and what must not’.

In 2011 David Anderson was appointed by the Home Secretary to be the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, a part-time role which he combines with his practice commitments.  His report A Question of Trust bore fruit in the Investigatory Powers Bill 2015.  He was named by The Times in 2012 as one of the UK’s 100 most influential lawyers and chosen as Legal Personality of the Year by the judges of the Halsbury Legal Awards 2015.

The annual Magna Carta Lectures extend the legacy of the Magna Carta and the tradition of protest, liberty and the rule of law it has inspired since 1215, when the great charter was sealed at Runnymede, close to Royal Holloway’s campus.

Magna Carta Lecture

TICKETS HERE : https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/magna-carta-lecture-tickets-24656723925



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