Politics and ethics in media & art technology | Exhibition & Symposium 3-8th Sept Mile End Arts Pavilion


I am very excited to be a part of this event at Mile End Arts Pavilion in London next month. I will be displaying my {poem}.py project at the exhibition (3-8th Sept), and also giving an artist’s talk at the symposium on the 8th September. The exhibition also features computer artist Will Hurt and designer Yosuke Ushigome.

From the website: Following the rise of unprecedented activism and political protests in the past year, Inter/sections 2017 explores how artists and technologists use different networks, databases, and systems to raise awareness of ethical and political issues around technologies. Inter/sections culminates in a Symposium on Friday 8 September. This is a day-long event for discussion and exchange between academia, industry and activists. Featuring keynote speakers who are experts in emerging trends in science and media, the Inter/sections Symposium creates a space to debate new ethical frameworks for emerging technologies.The Symposium includes keynote talks from Kate Bevan, Dan McQuillan and Stephen Minger, a hands-on workshop run by the TCCE (The Culture Capital Exchange) exploring ethics, art and technology, as well as a panel on Work Ethics in the Age of Automation. The workshop Technology, Ethics and the Arts Now, run by Evelyn Wilson, will unpick some timely and also challenging and complex questions around how the arts are using digital technologies now and the wider political, social, ethical and indeed economic contexts in which such uses and relationships are unfolding.

{poem}.py uses a mixture of code and advertising data to create and print receipts for poetry fed through Google’s AdWords platform. The project critiques both the way the value of language has changed in an era of linguistic capitalism, and also the politics lurking behind the search algorithm. By printing out and framing receipts for poetry, {poem}.py aims to reclaim poetry from the neoliberal logic of the algorithmic marketplace, restoring its linguistic integrity, and returning it to art.

The event is curated and organised by the students of Queen Mary University of London’s Media and Arts Technology (MAT) doctoral training centre. All events are free but you do need to register. More details on the website here: https://intersections.io/

Pip Thornton is a PhD student in Geopolitics & Cyber Security in the Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security (CDT) at Royal Holloway, where she is writing up her thesis on Language in the Age of Algorithmic Reproduction. She is supervised by Prof. Pete Adey in the Geography Dept and Prof. Keith Martin in the Information Security Group.


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