Fake news, Dis-Information and Popular Geopolitics

Klaus Dodds discusses the history of disinformation and fake news, and how it might be countered in the future.


“10 Things Video Games….” Taught me!

By Dray Agha Jordan Webber and Daniel Griliopoulos’ 2017 book ‘10 Things Video Games Can Teach Us About Life, Philosophy, And Everything’ argues that philosophy offers a bridge between the virtual world and physical world. Video games are their chosen examples of how the virtual can influence different ‘truths’ in our lives, through philosophy. As…

Bordering Strangeness Workshop: Using film to illuminate distance, strangeness and redemptive transgressions

Organised by Prof. Chris Rumford, Dr. Agnes Woolley and Elizabeth Alexander, PhD Researcher Royal Holloway University of London Sponsored by The Security and Sustainability Theme at Royal Holloway University of London   Sixteen academics, graduate students and practitioners from assorted disciplines gathered in London on April 2nd for ‘Bordering Strangeness’ – a highly interactive workshop on the use of film as…