From Above: blurbs

I’ll stop the shameless promotion of this book soon, but we’ve had some wonderful endorsement/blurbs (what do you call them?) from Steve Graham, Rey Chow and Stuart Elden to accompany our From Above collection out with Hurst/OUP in September. ‘Being above using aircraft to loiter within the atmosphere or on the edge of space has…

From Above

Just received the final cover design of our edited collection From Above due out with Hurst/Oxford University Press –  very exciting! It should be out by late summer. I’ll try to post some excerpts before the launch. (image courtesy of the RAF museum)

Air: a breathless report

I write with haste having just come energised from another of our post-graduate research seminars, this one for 1st year PhD’s presenting their projects. Last week was the Politics, Development and Sustainability group MSc student presentations, this week its the Social and Cultural Geography group. Having recently moved to RHUL, I am routinely staggered by…

Secure the Volume: Stuart Elden lecture

Rather tantalizingly, Stuart Elden’s recent lecture at Kentucky, “Secure the Volume”, has been uploaded to Vimeo. Unfortunately, there are only 16 seconds worth! This sounds crucial for anyone interested in territory, verticality, volumes and geopolitics etc. I hope to find the full video soon. If anyone finds it, please let me know. PA